Sunday, February 21, 2010

Finished It!

I ran my first ever organized race yesterday at the Century Tuna Superbods Run, and according to the official race results I ran a pretty good race for a first time runner. Of the 1890 runners who joined the men's division, I was finisher 109. Official website results placed me at: 

109 4333 159 MC 27 00:30:35 00:30:19 00:14:06

I might look back someday and think I made a hell of a big deal out of this result but then I also know I will not regret going loco over running. And of course everyone's first ever run will always be special so I guess I will have a good enough excuse then. So now I understand what the running bug is all about. That feeling of crossing the finish line for the first time, and thinking you could push yourself further to run farther the next time. So that's why people spend money to join these races, that's why people love the sweat and the heat and the uncomfortable feeling that comes from sore muscles and joints right after. It's the fantastic feeling of achievement one feels right after finishing that is worth more than any exorbitant registration fee. And  I guess it's also that feeling of accomplishment that comes much too rarely in our adult lives that we crave and receive once we hear that beep at the finish line. It's something only someone who experienced it will ever get to describe. It's addicting. It's definitely special. 

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

I've Been Busy and Sleepy

I have not written anything to post lately, as I’ve been tied up to a mind-boggling amount of work that wouldn’t actually stop till the end of this month. Two weeks without anything to write about eerily reminds me of what happened to the previous journals I tried to keep up. I write, I procrastinate, get lazy and then totally forget about it. But then I promised myself that wouldn’t happen this time didn’t I? So just to keep this not so newfound hobby alive I will push the urge to doze off aside and gather my Mac on my lap to write something down. Then on a sleep-deprived state I will type away as if I do not have to wake up later for another long night at my desk. Help me sweet Jesus I pray I'd finish what I need to get done tonight.

So the last time I logged something here I was talking about expecting an interview. And it did happen. The HR people called and invited me for an early morning talk with one of the HR officers on site. I haven't seen him in months, as HR people normally work by day and staff employees like myself man the graveyard. He was a familiar face though, we've had a couple other conversations like these in the past and as always, it was a light, candid and a matter-of-fact gab. We were like two friends catching up on stories held off for months from being shared. And a scattering of questions that ranged from the expected "what made you decide to apply for the post?" to the borderline ridiculous "what if I tell you this job is a total mess?".  And just like the old times we ended the 30-minute or so banter with an invitation to play tennis sometime soon. He said he will email me once he's got some free time to hit some balls, and the usual I will let you know what the schedule for the next step will be. 

So there is that regarding my job, but another one that's been taking a significant chunk of my time and attention lately is running. I registered for the Century Tuna Superbods Run on the 21st and I am hoping I will be able to finish my first 5K that day. Hopefully it will be the start of more 5Ks and 10Ks and eventually the long and exhausting 21Ks. Who knows, injury aside I may even run a full marathon someday.  Baby steps though. Slowly I will get there. But I don't run just because there is an event I want to join. I treat the event as something that gets me psyched up and  keeps me waking up at 5 in the morning to go where my legs eventually starts warming up to roll into a steady, even, trancelike pace. And when the sweat starts breaking against the chilly morning breeze I know I am doing something I really really like. And I guess the events are markers toward the eventual goal too...which, to be honest with you, is just to prove to oneself more than anyone else that you can go the distance, in both kilometers and conquering what the mind often think is too tiring to even try. 

I also bought myself a membership with a better gym to which I've been regularly going since the start of this month. The gym's pretty and huge, which admittedly got me all intimidated the first few sessions I was there. There was just too many good looking and well chiseled bodies in there, and a bunch of nice butts here and there that completes the scenario of a not-a-lot-of-workout-but-a-lot-of-ogling first few days. I am getting the hang of it though, in fact I'm getting used to admiring my hard biceps in front of the mirror without a care in the world what the newbies are saying about me. In two weeks time I've learned the art of narcissistic self-admiration. 

And I've booked the first of my many trips this year. In June I will be with my travel buddy Marie to see what Macau and Hongkong has in store for us. Maybe try out a casino or visit the wax figures at Tussaud's. And we are planning more local and foreign trips as the year unfolds (and as CebuPac's promo fares keep coming). 

So I think my year is looking pretty good so far. Barring any major kinks as I go along, I think this year is coming up roses. I am busy at work, I feel like I'm getting healthier and fit by the day and I am looking forward to career opportunities and personal travel. And hey, I'm even writing about them. 

On another note, I just got off the phone with my elder sister. The past few days I've been getting random calls in the middle of my sleep which eventually knocks me off my sleeping pattern making it difficult to get back on it. And just now this call from my sis. She gave me an earful alright. It's my niece's birthday today and she was expecting me there because I promised her I will be. You see, she rang me up yesterday, and the day before. Tired and sleepy as I was I said yes to her invitation thinking that today will be a Saturday. Saturday is no work day for me. So I could go to my mom's place, which is two hours of travel. Yesterday she kept on confirming if I'll attend, and I kept saying yes absent-mindedly. I even told her I'll help her set up for the party. So I understand her disappointment. 

Really, nothing beats lack of sleep in disorienting the best of us. And just realizing it now, I don't even know what day of the month it is today without looking at my calendar. I'll just wait 'till I post this and see. And I think I really need to stop and get on with the z's. 

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