Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Life That I Have by Leo Marks

The life that I have
Is all that I have
And the life that I have
Is yours

The love that I have
Of the life that I have
Is yours and yours and yours.

A sleep I shall have
A rest I shall have
Yet death will be but a pause
For the peace of my years
In the long green grass
Will be yours and yours and yours. --Leo Marks

I was watching CNN's report on Chelsea Clinton's wedding when they mentioned that the bride and groom recited this poem to one another. A lakeside wedding, with the sun setting at a beautiful country estate, to the person you've known for 17 long years...i think it's just absolutely sweet.

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Friday, July 2, 2010

Seen Around the Metro: Cold, Yummy Things

Guess what my favorite is. 

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My Two Seconds of Fame

So I watching TV at our house in Pampanga last Sunday when I started getting phone calls from people saying they saw me on TV. All I could do was let out a nervous giggle. Unfortunately for me I missed that segment. But then a friend of mine had the brilliant idea of downloading the file from god knows where so they could post it on YouTube. Good thing they didn't yet. I'm getting ahead of them and posting MY cameo here, haha! I'm throwing in a picture of me with Coach Rio for good measure!

With Coach Rio dela Cruz after the Independence Day Run. 

Find me on the video!

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Travelog Series: Macau June 2010

We originally intended to just fly to Macau and explore the place. But then after reading more about it, we found out that a day is actually enough if one's not really intending to spend a fortune casino-hopping. Told yah I'm a thrifty traveller! Spending doesn't appeal much to me. :)

It was actually a good decision to spend more time in Hong Kong than here. The casinos were spectacular sights, and we of course tried our luck inside one for good measure (I lost 120 pesos! ). But then after the rush of gambling fades, and the awe from looking up to all things made of shiny glass and colored concrete dissipates, one realizes that unfortunately, there are better places to visit than Macau. Either that or we went to the wrong places.

But of course there were highlights to this leg of our trip! Places not really on the guidebooks, not exactly mapped out on one of those booklets they hand out at the airport. We found those places, ironically, when we got lost.

Some of the more interesting things I saw, captured using my point and shoot camera.

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