Saturday, October 29, 2011

Is Back

I stopped writing almost a year ago because there wasn't really anything much to write about. I was in Manila, tired, bored and uninspired. I wrote about running, I wrote about food. My infrequent travels. And I complained about my job. But I was one who was never really big on whining, and I felt like repeating my frustration over work back then across several entries, was increasingly becoming what I don't want my blog to be about. That, and the adjustment i had to do to settle down in Singapore made this space a mere collection of stories written back a few months ago. So I stopped blogging.

But I spent a year experiencing and learning and getting older. More white hair now than a year ago. More wise. Smarter. Less boring. More money in the bank. More moments to write about. I will write again. I will share again.

I'm back.

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