Sunday, January 15, 2012

RIP Macy. Hello Gray!

Macy, my dear black Macbook served me well. She died a couple of weeks ago. Heat stroke I believe. She was too old and I must've worked her to the point of fatigue. The last thing I remember was that she refused to respond after I opened up another instance of YouTube (yes it's just that, not even the orgasm-inducing sites). She went on shock. Coma. Cardiac arrest. She never recovered after that.

More than any other reason, my heart sank after realizing I failed to back up my music and images...the two best things Macy was able to hold for me inside her generous bosom. I mourned her passing alright, but I almost choked on my chow mein realizing that her overused brain went completely kapoof on me as well.

She was five years old (can anybody tell me how old that is in the iWorld?). Aside from a severe spell of laziness, her getting sick and her eventual death were the main reason why I held off from writing anything on here. You see it's not like I write as easily and effortlessly like some bloggers I read, so Macy's tantrums and stalling tactics were enough reason to get distracted and for procrastination to kick in.

And after several failed attempt of reviving her, I decided, well, I will let her rest in peace.
So goodbye my dear dark lady. Thanks for the many years you have spent with me.

Macy, my dear 5-year old Macbook black.

But then of course, I now say hello to my one week old Gray! It's got big shoes to fill this one, and I hope he will serve me as long as Macy did when she was still working (considering the dent he made on my savings account, he better last at least twice as long with me). So far I am impressed. He works fast, he looks good. I am able to blog again and for that I am thrilled!

Gray, my 1-week old Macbook Pro.

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